Biogenic Bang-Bayan: Bring a piece of Home to our OFWs Love Ones

Biogesic 2

Hello Sweeties!

As a part of an OFW Family, my husband being one. I know the reality of what all OFW families go through.  There is a misconception that OFWs have it made. They have ideal and easy lives.  Well, they don’t.

Some people equate them with the pasalubongs and a good life. They don’t really understand the loneliness they feel being alone in a foreign country away from their families and love ones.

Being part of an OFW Family means sacrifice not only for the person leaving but also for those they would be leaving behind.  They expect themselves to be the strong-willed ones because they have to in order to provide their family the best life. Their hopes and dreams are for those they left behind.

They are, in fact, the prime epitome of a caregiver.

But even carers need caring. And honestly, they are the ones who need it most.

I am thankful that because of the technological advancement we get to speak face to face with my husband everyday via FaceTime, Facebook Messenger I know of  others who use Skype (It would have been nice if the internet service is better and more consistent). And because of the technological advancement OFWs their families get the temporary feel that they never left home.

Still these are not enough, especially now during this Holiday season.

Biogesic thought, if Home would make their Holiday and yet they could not come home for it. It would be great to send home to them.  In the spirit of giving,  Biogenic wanted to move families to care for their ultimate providers, the givers of care who are thousands of miles away.  They are doing this via the first ever Biogesic Banig-bayan Program.

Want to know more about this program? Read on!

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Swish Expert Care Mouthwash: Be Always Fresh with Swish! by Unilab

Hello Sweeties!

Oral hygiene is a very important part of my family`s daily life. My son Jarod was diagnosed with autism when he was 3 and his Occupational therapist advised us to get him used to a certain routine at home. It is very important that at a young age he gets used and practice it.

We started teaching him to gargle when he turned 8 years old as per advice of his OT teacher and our family dentist. They recommended adding a mouthwash to our daily routine because mouthwash is effective in the fight against tooth decay, gingivitis as well it promotes healthy teeth and gums and to a child with autism routine and self care is everything.

Benefits to using a mouthwash (along with regular brushing and flossing):

  •  Freshens breathe – it reduces bath breath, kills bacteria associated with causing bad breathe leaving a mouth minty fresh
  • Prevents the build up of plaque – It helps prevent plaque build up in the gums, in-between teeth and on the surface.
  • When used before brushing loosens particles in the mouth making brushing and flossing easier.
  • Stop the formation of cavities – since mouthwashes contains  fluoride that can prevent cavities and  strengthen teeth enamel

Our family  tried a lot of the brands but he found the others too strong and leaves a burning sensation in his mouth in the end, he would rather skip gargling.

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