Help Raise Funds for H2O Salamander the 1st Philippine Made Amphibian Tricycle

H20 Salamander 2

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The rainy season is upon us, finally after a very long very dry summer. But with the cool rains comes the floods waters. This sadly has become the new normal. Living in the lower part of the City of Antipolo Eastern Philippines, it has become difficult to navigate the area without rain boots and sometimes I wish for a boat to get home because I have to go through the flood waters of the other cities to get home.


Salamander specs (photo from H20 Website)

I first set eyes on the H2O Salamander while watching the news.I thought it was the perfect little vehicle for the flood prone areas of the Philippines.

What is the H2O SALAMANDER?

It is an amphibious multi-utility vehicle ,  The H2O people described it as a tricycle type vehicle.  H2O Technologies, a cutting-edge Filipino innovation and technology company has developed the H2O Salamander. It is an amphibious multi-utility vehicle that can safely run on both land and water, yes even in flood waters. t’s a potential game changer in terms of responding to typhoon-related disasters and mitigating the effects of severe flooding, especially in highly urbanized areas. The vehicle can be utilize to ensure continuity to provide basic services needed by people in every flood prone barangays. The H2O Salamander can carry up to 6 passengers (driver included) and comes in electricity (ore environment friendly) and gasoline powered versions.

H2O Technologies is partnering with the single biggest non-government organization (NGO) that helps the Philippine government in dealing natural calamities like typhoons and massive flooding – the Philippine Red Cross. The Red Cross provides critical disaster management services to local government units (LGU) severely affected by natural calamities like floods through its disaster relief activities like rescue operations, among others. H2O is partnering with the Philippine Red Cross in helping local government units manage natural calamities better by donating 500 units of the H2O Salamander.

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Dragon Gadget Unboxing: Fitbit Charge HR

Fitbit Charge HR Size: Small Color: Plum Price: 6999php Available at: Beyond the Box Branches

Fitbit Charge HR
Size: Small
Color: Plum
Price: 6999php
Available at: Beyond the Box Branches

Hello Sweeties!

I have never been inclined to athletics of any sort. Oh I tried a lot of work outs. The best that I actually enjoyed was yoga. My older brother was the one who urged me to take a close look at my health. I am NOT getting any younger and I figured If I wanted to see my grandchildren with all my faculties intact, I would have to make an effort.

This is where Fitbit Charge HR comes in. Considered a great addition to anyone`s work out routine or someone just watching their daily routine to adjust it a bit to make it a bit healthier.

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