Dragon Foodie Review: Mario`s Restaurant Tomas Morato

Mario`s Way

Hello Sweeties!

I attended an event recently and I got to dine at Mario`s Tomas Morato again after a long time. I remember Mario`s fondly because the first time I ever dine there was during a good friend`s wedding.  After that I attended a lot of other events usually related to a launching by a government office or a medical event.

Mario's is a Spanish restaurant know for it`s great Sunday buffet. Please excuse me, I did not have time to take photos of the venue because it was filled to the brim with people and our party was in a private room.

Mario`s Tomas Morato Hearty Soup of the Day

Hearty Soup of the Day : Clam Soup

I really did not like the dirt aftertaste of this soup. So I was pretty bummed out when I tasted it. I expected a lot. This was a downer.

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Dragon Foodie Review: Spanish Feels at Café Ñ (Enye) Eastwood

Cafe N (Enye) BayanBeasties

Hello Sweeties!

The beasties and I just got back from Fullybooked Bonifacio Global City for our yearly tradition and bonding for Free Comic Book Day  #FCBD2016. Since it is simpler to have our Brunch on the way home we decided to have it at our favorite stop over Eastwood. As per usual, we wanted to eat somewhere new, I spotted Café Ñ (Enye) a few days ago while walking about Eastwood and decided to try it out.

Cafe N (Enye) Cups

Wall accent from cups

Café Enye (Ñ) is totted as a Spanish Filipino restaurant at serves classic Spanish dishes with a twist. It is really very inconspicuous, located on the side where BPI bank is. If you don't look close enough, you can mistake it for a small coffee shop, but in reality it is very spacious.

Cafe N (Enye) Comfry Couches

Art pieces by Alexis Ventura and Akane Watanabe accentuate its brick-and-wood interiors.

Comfy couches you can sit and just have coffee a latte or their fab iced-blended with something sweet.

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