Babangon Ka Sa Flu at Iba’t Ibang Sakit Ngayong Flu Season


Worried about going down with the flu this summer? Here’s what you can do about it Flu symptoms are more common these days, but there’s a sulit, multi-benefit solution for them

While the country has officially gone past the flu season—which usually takes place in the chilliest months of the year—one can never be too complacent. With summer fast approaching, we still have to watch out for symptoms associated with having the flu: sniffles, sneezes, headaches, and fevers, plus a few body aches here and there. And because the flu shares many symptoms with COVID-19, catching the former also means that the average Pinoy will have a little less peace of mind.

In short, flu symptoms aren’t just more common these days—they’re also a lot heavier to deal with.

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Dragon Gadget Review: Anker 5-in-1 Ultra-Slim USB-C Hub

Anker 5-in-1 Ultra Slim USB-C Hub

Hello Sweeties,

When I replaced my  9 year old Mac Book Pro to the new  Mac Book Air M1 and I was told that I need a USB-C hub so I can connect my WD- external hard drive to the Mac Book .  A lot of my friends recommended that I either get a Ugreen or an Anker.

I choose to go with Anker because they have a local distributor here in the Philippines.  Anker has a lot of different USC-C hubs available so you can choose the best one for you.   I got mine at Lazada during the 6.6. sale.

Small in size but full very powerful

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