Dragon Foodie Review: Breakfast Brothers Lilac Street Marikina City 

Breakfast Brothers Dragon Chatter

Breakfast Brothers Meal with Strawberry Drink

Hello Sweeties!

I took my daughter Raffy to school one Saturday and I ended up having a lot of time on my hands. So what is a foodie to do with said time? I head to Lilac Street to try out another diner.

Since it was early I wanted my favorite  breakfast food. Tapa, well to be specific Tapsilog.

Breakfast Brothers is just the place. I loved that it is coincidently located near a Cupcake Bites and a Nail Spa.

I was alone. It was a Saturday. There were 2 other diners in the place and it seens they are lingering.

Breakfast Brothers is a pay as you order place so, I came up and asked for their bestseller. Which was the tapa… Or adobo flakes… I opted for the tapa. Brother’s Tapa or US Tapa? Garlic or Plain rice? How do I like my eggs. The staff said they wanted to get my.preferance so I would enjoy my food. This attention is a plus. I also ordered their Strawberry calamansi slush which was a great choice! Light fruity with the perfect mix of strawberry and calamansi. Such a steal for 65php!

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Food Review: Cupcake Bites Cafe Lilac Street Marikina

imageHello Sweeties!

Raft and I were cruising Lilac Street looking for something sweet to take home to my son Jarod. We usually visit Lilac Street after a school activity which ends very early. And most of the shop open after 12NN, so we end up just having a burger at the nearest fast-food join when we were feeling too hungry to wait for a shop to open. Lucky, I we spotted Cupcake Bites Cafe opened early (they usually open around 1:00PM).

Cupcake Bites Cafe is looks a lot like their cupcakes, feminine, cute, and perfect for dainty girls. The cafe just opened for the day, so it was just Raffy and myself. We decided to take the cupcakes home instead of dining in.

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