Dragon Foodie Review: Yummy Set Meals at Hokkaido Ramen Santouka

Hokkaido Ramen Santouka

Hello Sweeties!

My beastie Raffy and I were run haggard last Friday. I had to do a very important errand at Quezon City Hall that took 4 hours! Really, I lie not.  4 hours of waiting! We were both tired and hungry, and as if in sync we both mouthed that we wanted to consume something warm and filling. This means one thing to us. RAMEN.

Hokkaido Ramen Santouka (named after Santōka Taneda a famous Japanese poet) considered one of the best ramen franchise from the cold region of Hokkaido. I think they opened in Manila 2 years ago. I know we were a bit late in trying these out.  I usually dine at a new place with a friend or one of my children so as I can fully appreciate the menu.

What to find out what Raffy and I had for late lunch/dinner? Read on!

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Dragon Food Review: Meat Lovers`Paradise Sandaya Yakiniku Fisher Mall

Hello Sweeties!

Whenever I feel like having beef I usually have something Japanese, my problem usually is which Japanese restaurant to dine coz let`s be honest there are more of them out there, and honestly I have yet to try half of them.

This is why I was happy to receive an invitation for a Zomato Foodie Meet-up at one of the newer Malls in Quezon City. Fisher Mall.



Sandaya Fisher Mall, is located at the 3rd level, you can`t miss it since it is near the escalators. I arrived found the venue impressive with their elegant dining set up. It was a large restaurant that could probably accommodate a large group of people or become a venue for a special occasion like a birthday party or corporate affair.


Wooden Table and Chairs

Sandaya Yakiniku- Fisher Mall opened November 2014 and is barely a year old but has made a name for itself as one of top Yakiniku restaurants in the city.

Sandy Fisher Mall looks intimidating at first glance because of the elegant and formal atmosphere. For Alvin Ong, Vice President and COO of Sandaya Yakiniku-Fisher Mall, Sandaya Fisher Mall is a family owned business and they consider it a family friendly restaurant.



Before we started dining we were given Oshibori, or hot towels. An o-shibori  or hot towel in English is a wet hand towel offered to customers in places such as restaurants or bars in China and Japan and in some Chinese and many Japanese restaurants worldwide. O-shibori are used to clean one’s hands before eating, and have long been a common sight in China and Japan.

I only experienced this once while attending a friend`s wedding. And this for me is a sign of consideration for the diners.

Wanna know what we dined on? Read on…

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