Dragon Foodie Review: Blackbird at Nielson Tower

Blackbird front

Hello Sweeties,

On the rare moments I am actually in the Makati area, I always make it a point to go to the Filipinas Heritage Museum but I never dined at Blackbird.

At the mention of the word Blackbird, I hear music… mostly because I often try to relate  the song Sing a Song of Sixpece comes to mind… (excuse the Momminess) after wards I start remember the Beatles song Blackbird from their White Album…

Blackbird fly, blackbird fly
Into the light of the dark black night

He he he… Sorry feeling nostalgic of late.

BLACKBIRD is actually the Aviation-themed, Contemporary European and Asian Restaurant of Chef Colin Mackay of Sala and People’s Palace fame. It is located at the Neilson Tower of the old Manila International Airport and is named after the fastest air-breathing manned aircraft. The ambiance is inspired by an Airport Terminal and its Art Deco building in the heart of Makati City.

I was there for a special event. I can`t help but rave about the food though. It is just divine.

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Dragon Foodie Review: LE PETIT SOUFFLÉ, Century City Mall Makati

le petit souffle 8Hello Sweeties!

I was with bloggers friends attending an event at Le Petit Souffle. I rarely go to Makati because I feel it is too out of the way for me.  Located on the third floor of Century City Mall near Fully Booked. I was glad I got to try some of the amazing dishes of this very unique restaurant.

LE PETIT SOUFFLÉ  is French-Japanese Cafe and concept store.  Brain child of Pastry Chef Miko Paras, with Kristine Lotilla and Chef Noel Mauricio, in partnership with Charles Paw of Hole in the Wall. 

Romantic ambiance

Romantic ambiance

The Interiors are so beautiful, The ambiance reminds me a great deal of the Japanese coffee shops in the Japanese dramas I watch with my daughter. The place is very comfortable and relaxing, unlike the fast food joints where we are always in a rush to finish, Here we can get to take our time and enjoy the atmosphere and the food.

le petit souffle 7

Their long table and high back chairs, perfect for large groups,

I often get overwhelmed with the very complicated menu. I like that their menu is simple and no fuss and to the point.

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