Bioessence Launches its Professional Product Line – Age is just a state of mind

Bioessence Launch with folded Cranes
Hello Sweeties!

Age for me is just a number. I have been taking extra care of my skin since I was in my teens, one of the things my late Grand Aunt Nene insisted I do every single day since I turned 15.

This is one reason why I was thrilled with the launching of Bioessence launch of their Professional Product Line.

Bioessence VP for Marketing Joseph Feliciano

Bioessence VP for Marketing and Supply Chain, Joseph Feliciano talks about the Bioessence brand – Caring Beyond Beauty

Bioessence, one of the trusted brand in beauty and wellness in the Philippines, They have been in the business for 21 years.  Known for their facials slimming and spa services now have their newest skin care line. The great thing about it other than it is from a trusted brand, it is sourced and made by Filipinos, and specifically for the needs of the Pinoy skin.

Excited to learn about their new Professional Product Line? Read on!

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Dragon Beauty Review: Blushing Beauty Lick My Lips Color-Changing Lip Balm

blushing beauty

Blushing Beauty Lip my Lips Color Changing Lip Balm (Strawberry Flavor) Size: 5g Price: 200php

Hello Sweeties!

I found this product from Sample Room Ph,  Ideal product for girls who want smooth and nourished and moisturized lips plus a splash of color. Who wants to look like death warmed over?

Blushing Beauty Lick my Lips is a  revolutionary and innovative clear lip balm that changes into shining, shimmering pink color as it touches the lips. LIKE MAGIC! Moisturizes and nourishes with long-term benefits. Blends well with any lipstick color and comes in strawberry flavor.

Blushing beauty 4

Compact, can fit even in the tiniest purse

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