BDJ Passion Series: Summer Creations by Red Mango

B4Hello Sweeties!

I love Red Mango! I go all out and say this because whenever I find myself at TriNoma, I always navigate toward the nearest Red Mango shop. I always use my Belle de Jour Power Planner coupon for Red Mango first.  I would always order a medium frozen yogurt or Fro-yo in Green Tea and my favorite topping would be blue berries and cheesecake.

I was very excited to get an invitation for the BDJ Passion Series: Summer Creations with Red Mango I kept my schedule open for this event.


Menu on display

This Summer is the hottest I have ever experienced I am so glad that I get to attend the BDJ event focusing on one of my favorite dessert.

I got to the venue early, and only saw a few familiar faces, almost all the Bellas were new, which makes this event more exciting

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#PerksofaBella : Best Tasting Fro-yo from Red Mango

Hello Sweeties!

I love Fro-yo (Frozen Yogurt), and whenever I have a craving for a bowl I usually head to Red Mango for my fix. You may ask why this is so, since there are a lot of Fro-yo shops in malls these days. Well it is Belle de Jour Power Planner`s fault really.

Why? Read on.

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