Coloud for Kids! Check out The Boom Kids

Coloud 1

Hello Sweeties!

Coloud Headphones and audio accessories recently launched some of the most interesting not to mention eye-popping products in Philippine Market.

Are you the type of Mom that gets stressed when you find your child glued to their headphones/ear buds while playing with their gadgets?  Are you worried that they will end up losing their hearing even before they even start puberty?  Well, worry no more.

Coloud 2

Coloud Headphones came out with the Boom Kids a very comfy, colorful, sturdy and to be honest, envy worthy headphones designed for out little ones.

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Event: Fashion, Style and Music with Urbaninsta plus an Unboxing of Urbanista Osolo Earphone

Urbanista 10

Hello Sweeties!

Urbanista is an urban fashionista. An urbanista is someone who is interested in fashion, especially high-end and non-mainstream fashion and who also has an in-depth knowledge of the best people, places, and things the city has to offer.  An urbanista is selective, but never snobbish, intellectual, but also street smart. An urbanist is a living “insider’s guide” to the city. -uban dicitonary

There is a new music accessories brand in town and it`s called Urbanista. I have blogged about them in a previous post.  Urbanista launched their products in the Philippines. Along with other bloggers I got to try out their products.

I was very excited about this since I go through approximately 3 earphones a years. Yep, I am one of those that tear through them, like they`re  disposable. That is one reason why I am excited about another brand entering the Philippine market.

Urbanista 3

Urbanista is product brand from Sweden that targets modern active people. They designed their products for life in motion. Every product in their portfolio is developed for a specific target group – the urbanistas.

So based on the definition above, are you an Urbanista? Do you want to be? Check out the rest of my post.

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